Communication and stress – part 1


As said in the newsletter of this month stress also has an impact on your relationship. If you feel stressed, you first of all reduce the time to see your friends and family, as you think you have no time for that. Other things seem more important. But as you know by now, it is important to keep the balance right. So keep taking time to be with friends and relatives. This will increase your level of resilience and thereby the impact stress has on your life.

You might also notice a change in how you feel about the company you are with, or they will notice the change before you do. You might feel less relaxed, more agitated and more easily irritated. Little things that normally did not bother you at all, suddenly became important. You might not even know where it came from, this change in your behavior. Usually the change comes gradually.

Then there is also a change in the way you communicate. Under stress it often gets more into extremes. If for example you normally are direct in your communication you might get rude under stress. If you usually try to please others, you will probably forget about yourself completely. To perceive less stress you might just agree on anything, ending up in having maybe more stress.

There are four types of communication styles. By knowing which style someone prefers, you are able to influence the communication and thereby the reaction one gives. In future blogs and/or newsletters I will go deeper into these four types and how you can influence your communication with others.

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