Communication and stress – part 3

team communication

In my latest newsletter I already mentioned that I would write about the different roles different communication types have in a team. Each person has his own qualities and/or imperfections, but also differentiates in the way he takes decisions or how he deals with time management.
In a team it is also good to know the do´s and the don´ts with the different types. This influences a better communication and reduces stress.
In the table below I will highlight six topics that are important to consider when working in a team. If you take into account all characteristics, the do’s and don’ts and the topics below it will increase work dealt with in teams and reduces stress.

  Goal oriented type Creative type Continuous type Exact type
Value for the team Takes the initiative Influences the others Creates connections Focusses on the details
Qualities Goal oriented, focusses on the result and finishes  his tasks Enthusiastic, motivates the others, participates fully A good team member, knows how to deal with others positively Precise, analyses all data with care.
Weak points Insensible towards feelings of others, lacks patience Impulsive, does not like to focus on details and/or facts Does not like to take initiative and puts harmony in the group first Too careful and too detailed, forgets about deadlines
Motivated by Results; challenges and actions Acknowledgement; being noticed and getting approval Connections; being liked by the others Quality;
doing things right

Time management

Goal: now
Effective use of time, goes straight to the point
Goal: future
Hurries to the next interesting task
Goal: present
Takes time for personal connections and forgets often his tasks
Goal: past
Works slowly to be able to reach accuracy
Decision making Impulsive;
Always stays focused on the goal
Spontaneous, many loses an winnings
Slower and talks things through with the others

Avoiding decisions;
Is accurate and needs detailed information


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