Communication and stress – part 2

effective communication

In the newsletter of May I referred to the four types of communication and what happens to them when under stress.
In this blog I will talk about how you can improve the communication with each type and what you should avoid.
If you follow this tips you will have an effective communication and can avoid stress.

How to reach the goal oriented type?
– Get straight to the point.
– Ask him for his goal and the result he expects
– Solution oriented discussions
– Offer help for reaching his goal

How to reach a continuous type?
– Show genuine interest in him as a person and in your relationship
– Talk slowly
– Communicate decisions and changes clearly and ahead of time

How to reach a creative type?
– Build an emotionally positive relationship
– Take him seriously. Emphasize his influence on the end result and his creativity
– Accept his autonomy
– Showing him acknowledgement and appreciation

How to reach an exact type?
– Keeping your distance and be objective.
– Focus on the details and trust his analytical skills
– Mention feelings without becoming emotional

What should you avoid to have an effective communication?

What should´t you do with a goal oriented type?
– Talk slowly and dwell on the subject
– Showing little interest in reaching the goal
– Not appreciating the results achieved

What should´t you do with a continuous type??
– Asking for quick decisions or agreements
– Creating unknown and insecure situations
– Not taking the relationship seriously

What should´t you do with a creative type?
– Putting up restrictions
– Putting him under pressure
– Not allowing nor appreciating his opinion in a decision making process

What should´t you do with an exact type?
– Telling things without a structure, or changing frequently the topic
– Not appreciating his logical and analytical input
– Giving him advice

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