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Newsletter July 2016

Five Senses

Hereby my newsletter of July 2016 – Are there times that you do nothing?
It is about using your five senses to do nothing, to spend purposeless time

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Newsletter May 2016


Hereby my newsletter of May 2016 – How to communicate effectively
It is about the different kind of communication types we have and how they change under stress.

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Newsletter April 2016


Hereby my newsletter of April 2016 – The influence of relations on your resilience
It is about the kind of relationships we have and how they influence your stresslevel.

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Newsletter February 2016

stress and your balance

Hereby my newsletter of February 2016 – How to handle your stress
It is about which steps you can take to keep your life in balance.

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Newsletter January 2016


Hereby my newsletter of January 2016 – NewYear´s plans and daring greatly
It is about setting goals and making plans for 2016, by daring greatly.

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