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Irene de Boer
Being adventurous and love gathering experiences, can be difficult combined with your day to day life. You might feel the stress increasing and your health getting worse. And worst of all, you do not have the freedom nor time to do the things you really like to do. And let’s not forget: you do not have the time to get a burnout.

Don´t worry. I can help you in a quick, effective and sustainable way to prevent your burnout.

A few years ago I have had a burnout myself, and it took way longer to recover from it, then I expected. It took me years to get back to be able to do what I did before. Now I also know the importance of a good balance.
Back then I recovered on my own, with a little help from a psychologist. But that was before I learned about Neuroimagination 3 years ago. Neuroimagination is a widely used method in Germany and Switzerland, but in The Netherlands and Spain I am the only licensed coach. It is my passion to help you to prevent or overcome a burnout in a sustainable way.
You and I are not that different. Gathering experiences, travelling and exploring the world, preferable on my own arranged travels, are things I love to do. I want to get to know things in-depth.
Running, dancing, especially Argentinian tango, hiking in nature and enjoying a good meal, preferably with friends, are ways to spend my free time.
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Irene de Boer in Vietnam 

I love being in contact with people. Language and culture  are no barriers to me. – Irene de Boer








Irene de Boer
Irene de Boer


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