In or out of worklife balance

One of the main reasons of stress is that your life is not balanced. You can deal with quite a level of stress, if your life is in balance and/or if you have sufficient time and possibilities to recuperate from the stress. The domains that have influence on your stress level are as follows: Body, relations, free time, work and purposeless time.

In the figures below the one on the left means that your life is in balance and on the right it isn´t. Of course it is just an example, it can be different for everyone.
The left figure is an ideal situation, but is does not need to your perfect situation. Maybe your free time is smaller than your working time, but are you happy with it. Or maybe you are single and perfectly happy with that too.

Worklife balnce in balanceWorklife balance out balance
As said before you need to be able to deal with stress. If you have sufficient resilience, in one or more of the five domains, you will be capable of dealing with the stress. Resilience means that you have the strength to go on after a negative experience and/or situation. For example if work creates too much negative energy, but you receive a lot of positive energy from your relations there might not be any problem at all. Your relations outbalance the influence of your work.

Subdomains of work life balance

These five main domains can be divided in sub domains:
Body: food, sleep, exercising, physical pains and muscle aches
Relations: your partner, family, friends, acquaintances and sexuality
Free time: hobbies and ways to fill your pastime
Purposeless time: doing and enjoying things without any purpose
Work: possibilities to use your knowledge and skills, money, perspective, sufficient challenging tasks.

Within the domains there can be differences as well. Not all subdomains will be balanced. For example it is possible that you do exercise enough, but do not eat well or sleep too little. If you know which (sub)domain is out of balance, and you know what you want to change, you can set concrete goals. If you have set and reached your goals, be sure to reward yourself for achieving the goal.

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