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Planning versus doing.


In the newsletter of January I wrote about my yearPLAN and my 100 days goals.
Yes I am a great planner. And you? How are you with planning?

I can spend days in making plans for my business, my year plan, the content calendar, and filling the weekly planner by copying from my todoist. But, I have to admit, I have troubles in executing my plans, or better said keeping to my plans. Even when I think I have planned sufficiently free time to cope with unexpected things I hardly ever manage to execute my plan as planned.

Yesterday on the accountability call we have set up as part of the Freedomplan, we talked about it too. In general I advise you to have an accountability partner...

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Newsletter January 2016


Hereby my newsletter of January 2016 – NewYear´s plans and daring greatly
It is about setting goals and making plans for 2016, by daring greatly.

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