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Communication and stress – part 3

team communication

In my latest newsletter I already mentioned that I would write about the different roles different communication types have in a team. Each person has his own qualities and/or imperfections, but also differentiates in the way he takes decisions or how he deals with time management.
In a team it is also good to know the do´s and the don´ts with the different types. This influences a better communication and reduces stress.
In the table below I will highlight six topics that are important to consider when working in a team. If you take into account all characteristics, the do’s and don’ts and the topics below it will increase work dealt with in teams and reduces stress.

  Goal oriented type Creative type Continuous type Exact type
Value for the team Takes the initiative
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Communication and stress – part 2

effective communication

In the newsletter of May I referred to the four types of communication and what happens to them when under stress.
In this blog I will talk about how you can improve the communication with each type and what you should avoid.
If you follow this tips you will have an effective communication and can avoid stress.

How to reach the goal oriented type?
– Get straight to the point.
– Ask him for his goal and the result he expects
– Solution oriented discussions
– Offer help for reaching his goal

How to reach a continuous type?
– Show genuine interest in him as a person and in your relationship
– Talk slowly
– Communicate decisions and changes clearly and ahead of time

How to reach a creative type?
– Build an emotionally positive relationship
– Take him seriously...

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Communication and stress – part 1


As said in the newsletter of this month stress also has an impact on your relationship. If you feel stressed, you first of all reduce the time to see your friends and family, as you think you have no time for that. Other things seem more important. But as you know by now, it is important to keep the balance right. So keep taking time to be with friends and relatives. This will increase your level of resilience and thereby the impact stress has on your life.

You might also notice a change in how you feel about the company you are with, or they will notice the change before you do. You might feel less relaxed, more agitated and more easily irritated. Little things that normally did not bother you at all, suddenly became important...

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