I have experienced these sessions with Irene as very relaxing and effective. NeuroImagination will from now on be part of my daily routine. I recommend this to everyone who still has “something to clean up” or to work on. A fine method. Anouschka, 41

About a half year ago it turned out that I had a burnout. From that moment on, I started with the NeuroImagination sessions with Irene. In the beginning it was quite difficult and tough, but the more often we did it, the easier it got. I use the method every moment of the day, when I notice things start to go wrong and I get stressed. At that moment I will use the right/left stimulation and the breathing technique. It feels good and gets me back on track. Daphne, 35

The above references are translated from Dutch into English.

The reference below is from an acquaintance of mine whop experiences NeuroImagination coaching by my trainer, Horst Kraemer (translated from German)
After several very long months in the REHA Klinik, I got the offer from my insurance company to take coaching sessions with mister Kraemer from Brainjoin. After only three session I already had more self-confidence and was able to accept my (physical) limitations. It was not just about telling my story, the severe complaints, the existential fear, no Horst Kraemer gave me courage. The NeuroImagination method works with positive associative images that encourage strength and energy, decrease tensions in the body and decrease and resolve stress issues. It was a decisive step in my live…. Albert, Switzerland