Planning versus doing.


In the newsletter of January I wrote about my yearPLAN and my 100 days goals.
Yes I am a great planner. And you? How are you with planning?

I can spend days in making plans for my business, my year plan, the content calendar, and filling the weekly planner by copying from my todoist. But, I have to admit, I have troubles in executing my plans, or better said keeping to my plans. Even when I think I have planned sufficiently free time to cope with unexpected things I hardly ever manage to execute my plan as planned.

Yesterday on the accountability call we have set up as part of the Freedomplan, we talked about it too. In general I advise you to have an accountability partner. Someone you can chat with on a regular base about your business, about the troubles you encounter, the doubts you have or simply to share your successes.
And this accountability calls help quite a bit. It is a Skype call in my case, as the two ladies live in different countries, even acros the Ocean. But ofcourse it also great to have live meetings.

Tips about planning

Yesterday I received some great tips. One of them was to call my weekly planner a do´er. And it makes actually sense. Words do matter. If for example by goalsetting you state: ´I want to¨….. You can be quite sure that you will not achieve it. And planning….. Yep the word means planning not doing or executing. So from now on I will make do´ers not plans.

And another tip was to work daily 15 minutes on your goals. According to her it worked perfectly for her. Ideas she had set were actually improved while e.g. walking and when she sat to do her 15 minutes she could immediately start executing.
So my plan 😉 is to start implementing this method to, starting coming Monday.

Feel free to share your problems with planning, or even better share your wins! I´d love to hear them!

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