Balance scan

The balance scan gives a quick insight in how your life is at the moment and what parts are balances and which are not. Besides that it is possible to write down what to desired situation is.
In the coaching sessions we can set goals, so you can work on two or three concrete things, to lead the life you want. The balance scan including the coach sessions costs € 137,-, excl. VAT
In case you want to know more, or wish the buy this product, send me an email and I will get in touch with you.

Stress test

Road2energy has two different kinds of stress tests.
First of all we have the free Quickscan. In 24 questions you will have an idea about your stress level.


You can sign up for the quickscan through this page or through the sign up form on the right.

Furthermore we have the extensive stress test, in which you see per segment how your stress level is. Included with this stress test is a coaching session, in which we work with your results, to set specific goals to lower your stress level.
This extensive stress test, including coaching session costs €167,-, excl. VAT

If you want more information, just send me an email.