In a group

  • Do you like to share your experiences with others?
  • Do you want to leave your burnout behind quickly?
  • Do you want to leave your daily surroundings for a while?

Then this intensive burnout group coaching is the right thing for you!


The week is from Friday till Friday and consists of a combination of individual coaching and group trainings.
We talk about communication, time management, setting your boundaries, your balance and about how to go on.
During the coaching sessions we work on your concerns, questions and problems with the NeuroImagination method.
Of course the coach is available per Skype or email for urgent questions and/or problems. The group consists of four participants, so there will be enough personal attention.
In autumn 2018 we have an opportunity for a small group in Granada, Spain.
With just four persons we will lay the base to get rid of your burnout within the coming month. Within 3 months you are back to be a better version of yourself. 

Intensive Burnout

Do you want to know more about the intensive group course? Contact me via or the contactform.